About MAR  History


The Groupís association with shipping dates as far back as the 18th century when the Razak family owned and operated sea-going vessels. The founder of the group, Al Haj Mohamed Abdul Razak had strong connection with regional shipping organizations that led him to establish M. A. Razak & Co. Ltd., in 1953, creating history by becoming the first locally owned shipping agency company in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon). The initial agencies operated by the company were the Pan Islamic Steam Ship Company Limited and then Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.

The Groupís corporate voyage which spans one and half centuries has been in continuous progress. The group has withstood tides and gales of the industry and steered its way to its current position; that of a reputed and reliable organization. The number of agencies represented by the organization and its business operations has grown steadily. This was achieved as a result of manifestation of the strategic vision and direction of the management and commitment from a dedicated work force.

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